It all starts
with automation.


Detailed fee breakdown

Get a closer look at individual item or category costs with comprehensive reporting on FBA-related charges.

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Know your inventory

See storage fees, monitor stock, and calculate each item’s true value as our software manages all things inventory.

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FBA fees to QuickBooks

Enjoy itemized tracking of all fulfillment costs broken down conveniently per item:

FBA storage fees

FBA disposal fees

FBA long-term storage fees

FBA advertising

FBA lightning deals

FBA coupon clip fee

FBA coupon fee

FBA inventory placement fee

FBA inbound fee

FBA inbound program fee

FBA removal fee


Multi-channel integration

Expand your e-tail sales reach while keeping your QuickBooks simple:

See everything in a single file

Multi-channel tracking

Multi-warehouse tracking

Automatic inventory updates


Detailed mapping & tracking

Manage multiple items or duplicate listings? Improve QuickBooks accuracy:

Map products by ASIN or QuickBooks item

Sync items direct to QuickBooks

Automatically import sales orders

Track profits and losses by item or category

Group orders by item, day, week or settlement period

Deposit funds in QuickBooks bank account


Advanced customization

Get deep automation catered to your exact e-tail business needs:

Customized fee mappings

Return processing & lost fees

Sync sales (invoice & credit memo)

Track fees by item class

Special inventory adjustments

Fast, accurate refund sync

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