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Our story

It starts with numbers

There are many e-commerce integrations out there, but none succeed to capture the complexities of Amazon. As a seller, your actual profit depends on so many factors, including shipping expenses, storage costs, advertising and other FBA fees. At ConnectBooks, we wanted to create the Amazon seller’s most comprehensive system, capable of unifying your Amazon invoice data and QuickBooks with 100% accuracy. Finally, merchants everywhere can enjoy seamless automation built specifically for the Amazon marketplace.

Our programmers

Accountants by day

To fulfill Amazon sellers’ unique needs, we assembled a team of brilliant financial experts with firsthand experience working in ecommerce. Together, we developed a proprietary software product focused on what matters most: money. Instead of getting a quick glimpse at your numbers each settlement period, ConnectBooks paints the entire picture, accounting for all your critical sales data and metrics. And to make things even simpler, everything can be accessed online with our beautiful, intuitive, user-friendly interface.


Our motto

Save time, see better, sell more

Growing an online business can be stressful and time-consuming. To drive sales to your store you need a full understanding of its past, present and future performance—all of which require exhaustive attention to detail and the math skills of a senior accountant. ConnectBooks lifts that burden from the average business owner, automating the complex bookkeeping, reporting and reconciliation. With less worry and more time, you can refocus on the bottom line.

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A whole new view

Where other systems only import data by settlement period, ConnectBooks keeps you in control with financials and other stats compiled per day, per week, per order, or per settlement. Additional automation helps you understand your strengths, identify your weaknesses, track daily activities, and optimize future sales.


Whether you choose to import data automatically or manually, our software reconciles Amazon and QuickBooks with 100% accuracy


See thorough breakdowns of all your expenses and revenues including storage, shipping and advertising costs per item


Sync inventory, map new items, monitor product performance, and avoid expensive overstock fees to boost profits


Choose our all-inclusive package for complete data entry, software administration, and payroll processing services

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